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Consignment Contract

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Second Go Round Consignment Shop
at Newport, Carteret County North Carolina

Policy on Consignment Sales

We Sell Everything for Less, New and Used

Following is our contractual policies for consignment sales made on your be-half. To display and print our consignment sales contract, select the link below.

  1. Clothing must be in style, good condition, clean and in season.
  2. Toys must be pre-packaged and in working order
  3. Soiled, damaged or out-dated clothing left for consignment will not be displayed and will be disposed of without any liability to Second Go Round.
  4. Clients will receive 40% of sales price for clothing and household merchandise sold within 60 days. Clients will received 25% of sales price on merchandise priced $5.00 and under. Clients will receive 40% of sales price on furniture and there is no expiration date on furniture.
  5. Any items priced $5.00 or less will have a processing fee of 30 cents.
  6. There will be a 30 days pay delay before your money posts to your account, after which you may come in and pick up cash at anytime for items sold. All you need is your ID.
  7. Articles may be reclaimed any time during the 60 days selling period. Items not reclaimed by expiration date, become the sole property of Second Go-Round, who reserves the right to dispose of them without further notice or any liability to the consignor.
  8. Second Go-Round is not responsible for damage to or loss of article from any cause whatsoever including but not limited to handling, fire, water and theft.

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